Friday, 10 January 2014

day 10: late night running

Well, it was late night for me - any kind of exercise after 6pm on a Friday night I would class as late. Running on a Friday night feels strange. There were a few other fellow runners out but most sensible people were on the way to the pub, or preferably in it. Feeling jealous of all the folk off out and sitting all cosy as I huffed past pub and restaurant windows.

No pub or drinking any kind tonight for me tonight. After my 4 miles round the meadows and back there was just time for a nice curry before hair dying duties had to start, in fact I am sitting writing this with a sainsbury's plastic bag on my head waiting for the bleach to do its thing which is making my head incredibly ITCHY.....arrrrghghgh!!

We are going for a 2-tone pink/red thing this time...maybe will get a chance to post a pic up in tomorrow's blog :)

distance: 3.9miles
time: 36mins 42secs

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