Friday, 31 January 2014

day 30: the dinner party that over ran

There had to be one blog that was writing in the early hours! My first day back at work, with a drop in event in the evening, so I  didn't get home til after 8pm. I also had a dinner party to go to for 9pm. Not a huge amount of time to work with. So, it was decided to fast walk/run to our friends flat who lives about a mile and a half away. I aslo pulled Ian along with me - ok, he was pulling me when there were any hills to go up!

I reckon we ran enough of the way there to qualify this as a Janathon-effort. I even felt out of breath for a wee while! And fast forward 25 min,  here I am having stumbled back full wth polish dumplings and vodka, trying to get this blog writen b fore my eyes cross,

I am determined to do at least another proper janathon effort-  i have nothing planned for tomorrow so hopefully it will be a good opportunity to a decent, last session.

distance: 1.4miles
time: 21mins
Eyes trying to close while writing this: 2

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