Sunday 26 January 2014

day 26: screaming children and yoga

I was on auntie duty today so I feel like I did enough exercise by running around after a 3 and a half year old. We also went to what I now think of as one of the circles of hell - a soft play centre. Now I had never been to one of these - at least not as an adult and I hope I don't need to again any time soon. A room full of small children running about screaming - Not my kind of thing. Don't get me wrong - I love my niece but it doesn't extend to most other children. I will admit to kind of enjoying the ball pit though :)

Despite all this activity I still felt that I had to do some 'proper' exercise. It being pitch black in the country side and with the addition of potential blizzard conditions, Ian suggested we do some P90X yoga. Now this DVD is 1hour30mins and i was like, 'That a lot of intense yoga', and we would end up having dinner at 8:30pm. But Ian was like, we have to do the whole forward 30mins into the DVD and Ian is all, 'I think thats enough' - light weight. However I wasn't doing on my own so we stopped and opened a bottle of wine instead!

time spent running after small child: about 4 with a break for lunch
P90X yoga completed: 30mins
number of small children having a crying tantrum: at least 4


  1. Yeah, I'm a pussy! But I'm not the one doing the janathon! There was only an hour left on the video and you could have finished it as I made dinner and encouraged you (pointed and laughed) like the good boyfriend that I am. XxxX