Wednesday, 22 January 2014

day 22: Slacking tempation defeated!!

Slacking was on the forefront of my mind on the way home from work today. Gym class cancelled once again - I wouldn't have made it anyway due to the pre-holiday getting-everything-sorted-at-work-before-practically-running-away-from-the-office process which left me leaving the office 45mins later than I had hoped. Needless to say it was a long, hard day. And I was in no mood for getting the running kit out. But thanks to some anger-related adrenaline I threw on my kit and smashed a 5 miler round the meadows. Slacking temptation totally defeated!!! Go me!

And now, I am free of work for a week, swapping auld-reekie for the clean and green atmosphere of the Lake District.  This probably means that due to the not-so-reliable mobile reception my blogs may be rather short. However, the local 1-minute walk-away pub has wi-fi, so that's a good excuse for a temporary pint-a-day routine for the week - yay! :)

I should really go pack but why change the habit of a life-time - I'll do it tomorrow before we leave!

distance: 5 miles (the longest run so far!)
time: 45mins 56secs
days I don't have work for: 7 whole freaking ones
emails I'll probably come back to: 100s

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