Sunday 22 January 2012

day 22 - dodging cyclists on the canal

The drawback of going on a favourite route on a sunny (but cold) Sunday morning is that it is also a favourite of every man, woman, child and least on a weekend. So my run along the union canal was a bit of an obstacle course, avoiding all the other people and dogs and children on bikes, especially at points going under bridges where I was a bit close to the edge of the water for my liking. Its a good course though as it is nice and flat so I could feel pleased with my pace, despite not feeling too energetic after a late night of wine-drinking and sleeping on my friend's sofa.

I probably went a bit too fast on the outward 2miles as I struggled a bit on the way back. Then it was home to the folks and a nice walk through the woods to the pub for lunch...oh and more wine! :)


distance: 4.15 miles
time: 37mins54secs
cals: 508
cyclists/dogs dodged: lots!


  1. More wine - nice. Time for wineathon yet?

  2. Yeah, wineathon for February :) Great work x

  3. Sounds like a perfect sunday to me!