Monday 23 January 2012

day 23 - where I doff my hat... fellow Janathoners that are managing to exercise everyday while juggling not only work but family too. I am struggling and I am single with no other real responsibilities other than my job. When I was training for my first marathon earlier in the year (while I was unemployed) I found new respect for people who manage to do this kind of training when they have others to look after, not least my dad who managed to do his marathon best (2 hours 48mins) with 2 young children. Though having said that I think my mum has to get most of the credit for picking up the slack!!

Anyway, I don't think I'll get much mileage in this week as I have a very heavy week work wise and a busy weekend with friend's birthdays and a club night to go to. Having seen that I am about 17miles off the 100 mile mark though I kind of hoped I could manage that...we will have to see.

It was a single (and a half) loop of the meadows today, started off pretty slow but managed a decent pace overall tonight. It was also running club night so I didn't feel like dodging all the running hordes so I left early.

distance: 3.74miles
time: 33mins56secs
cals: 448


  1. I am struggling and I am minus the kids! keep going, you will get that 100!

  2. 3 a day will get you there. You will make the century. If its time thats an issue try a little run in the morning and another in the evening. Good luck. I have faith in you x