Monday, 9 January 2012

day 9: damn technology

I had already ran about a mile before my very temperamental garmin device decided to find the awfully illusive satellites. It seems to work fine up at my parents place but here in the middle of the city centre it seems to take an age. I can only think it is all the tall building that are to blame. Anyway, this means I have to do some faffing about with the software to work out the distance I missed out.

Wasn't a particularly interesting run today. Was tired after a long afternoon of meetings and all I really wanted was my dinner so was running on an empty stomach - not the best for a decent run.

It is now rather late and I'm trying to watch a programme about the Higgs Boson which is difficult while you are twittering/blogging and facebooking all at the same time. So will leave it at that for this evening

distance: 3.9miles
time: 38mins (which is a bit of an estimate)
calories 377 (but should be more)
new understanding of physics: none


  1. I've tried a couple of running apps on my iPhone but gave up with them as they didn't track me properly. Frustrating! Well done for running. Hope tomorrow goes well. :)

  2. Glad you've shaken off the cold, they obviously breed 'em tough up north. Oh, I forgot, you are tough aren't you, you fell off a mountain during #Juneathon and still carried on!! Lol.

  3. oh no, the Janathon garmin curse, I share your pain. Wasn't Higgs Boson the butler for magnum PI?

  4. Great multitasking effort!