Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 1: and I almost miss the deadline

Oh dear, first day and I almost fail...I jogged and logged fairly early today but had to defer blogging until I went shopping. turned into going to the Meadows festival and one cider turned into a few beers and here I am at 5am finallly getting round to blogging. Its within 24 hours so its all good. I blame my friends for leading me astray (though I do admit it is fairly easy to do)

Anyway...way back on Saturday morning I ran 5 miles round the meadows. It was sunny and finally felt like summer. Pretty uneventful run...and the rest of the day, well...the fact I am writing this at 5am on my friends laptop pretty much sums up the rest of the day....Sunday's effort is shaping up to be interesting!

miles: 5.5
time 52mins28secs
ciders/beers drank on the meadows: many
bloggs writen at 5am: 1


  1. A great start to Juneathon

  2. That sounds very much like the start of my Juneathon too! Well done for blogging at 5am and I hope you managed to make it out today

  3. Love it! This is what Juneathon should be all about.....!