Wednesday, 5 June 2013

day 5: where a circuits class attempts to kill me and a woman is rude

So, back to normal service. exercised, logged and blogged all in one evening :) And what a session.
Was back to my first circuit class in about 6 months, and ooh fuck did I feel it! My legs and arms now have about the same strength in them as rolls of jelly.  I enjoyed it though. Except for the beginning where I got some stuck up woman who, instead of kindly and helpfully pointing out that I was doing the circuit wrong (it was a different instructor from my last class) and pointing me back in the right direction, scrunched up her face, and effectively inferred that I was a total moron that cannot follow simple instructions and was generally getting up her snooty nose. There is just no need.

Anyway, once I got back on course, I did pretty well I think. Sweated alot and generally managed most of the exercises without collapsing/throwing up. And am doing it all again tomorrow!

And good news - I'm coming to the Juneathon pissup lunch at the end of this madness. Really looking forward to meeting some of my fellow -athoners. Also gives me a chance to have a mini-holiday and do some gallery-seeing and Camden shopping :)

circuit classes complete without hurling: 1
rude women in class:1
limbs now resembling jelly: 4


  1. Too bad your arms were like jelly, you could have practised some punches....near the rude woman!!

  2. Well done for completing circuits and well done for not lamping the rude lady. That's some serious self control.

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    1. Maybe my original comment was a bit harsh! Just ignore the silly cow and enjoy your exercise.

    2. haha...I did ignore, though I had to resist saying something to her on the way out of class ;)