Thursday, 1 January 2015

Day 1: The traditional start to Janathon

Well, it was inevitable. There's was a Hogmanay party and lots of wine and I find myself staggering home at 3pm in the afternoon.  There was never a good chance that any kind of proper exercise would take place today.

However, after consulting with the Janathon leader I'm told that my 2mile walk home from my party qualifies as my Janathon effort,so I'm happy with that. There's was extra effort needed due to windy conditions and a heavy rucksack to carry.

I'm also pretty sure I spent some of the early hours of the days dancing so I'm going to let that' be my contribution for my first day.

I Will make more of an effort tomorrow,promise!,

Distance:2 miles, roughly
Time: 30mins
Hangovers expected tomorrow:1 very large one

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