Friday, 9 January 2015

Day 9: Did someone mention the weather?

You may be aware that its a little windy at the moment. Enough to fell trees and knock over lorries. This is no match for me doing Janathon though!

As I was out for dinner with friends last night and due to the fact that I am currently living in the suburbs I decided to take the car, leave it and get a taxi home. This meant going on my bike to collect the car today. Lying in bed this morning listening to the trees getting tortured by the wind made me worry that I would get blown off into a moving car or something. But it wasn't forecast to get any better anytime soon so with a little encouragement from Ian, who amazingly offered to come with me (aww, bless) we braved the storm and....well, it wasn't that bad! I little wobble going down the hill but fairly ok for the rest of it.

I left my physio exercises for when I got home from work. And Ian made absolutely sure I did them before anything else, including getting a beer (its been a long week and its Friday!).

I had asked for wine but was denied, so then asked for a beer. I was told if I had a beer I wasn't allowed wine and he would drink all of it. The negotiation went on till we agreed I was allowed a beer after my exercises. He was just winding me up. As he always done. And I always fall for it. Bah!

distance cycled: 3.5 miles
time: 18mins 25secs
times Ian has wound me up: too many to count!

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  1. Wow brave going out on the bike, glad you survived it and got your beer x