Monday, 26 January 2015

Day 26: Getting gym-class rage

Exercise is a great stress reliever. I always feel better after a bad day getting out and running off some steam. If its rubbish outside, the gym has to do but this evening it did nothing for my mood. I had wanted to do a double whammy and run today but I just couldn't be bothered numbing my bum in the on-going sub-zero temperatures up here, the walk to and from work was enough to put me off

Yes, I know I have moaned about Monday-night evil gym instructor before but tonight I was close to throwing one of my weights at her. If she uses the phrase, "if I see anyone coming up before me the more we are doing" when doing the squat track I may go insane. She says the same thing every week. The least she could do is find a new way of patronizing us, you know, mix it up a bit. So yeah, was stuffing a bit of gym class rage this evening.

On the upside I'm still managing to edge the weights up so progress is being made :)

urges to throw weights at the instructor: quite a few
extra squats completed cause people aren't looking at the gym instruction: at least 10

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