Sunday, 4 January 2015

day 4: (Maybe) the last hungover run of the month...

Well...I'll at least try. While everyone, so we are led to believe, is starting their detox/whatever-the-latest-fad-dietey kind of thing, me and Ian were out getting drunk...again. Well, it was 2  birthdays and a leaving do, it would be rude not to :)

The place we were in is a Geek's paradise, with Star Wars, Doctor Who and Marvel comics memorabilia everywhere - Ian was dissuaded from stealing one of the cushions.

So today saw me miss all the lovely sunshine as I put off going for my run until I could put it off no more. Here is my cat Dylan taunting me with her cosy sleeping pose while I get my gear on.

I managed a slow 2.4 miles round the estate. Its back to the horror of normal working life tomorrow and the gym. I'm guessing it will be overrun by new year nubies out for their annual week of disciplined exercise.

distance 2.4 miles
time: 23 mins 50 secs
hangovers: 1
cushions not stolen: 1

1 comment:

  1. My gym was empty this morning except for one noob. I knew she was a noob because she was wearing long baggy tracksuit bottoms and a thick fleeced hoody (the sort of outfit I wore when I first started running!) Anyway, it's about time you sobered up and did some proper exercise ;-)