Monday, 5 January 2015

Day 5: My gym instructor is EVIL!!!

Evil I tell you!!! I mean, who, on the first Monday back to the horrific regime of getting up in the dark for work and coming home in the dark to exercise, makes you do 10 WHOLE MINUTES of abs?!?! My evil fitness instructor or 'Mel' as she's known.

Yeah, the first Monday back to work after Xmas is never easy - I may have cried a little when I had to get up this morning. And it didn't get much better.

Body pump on Monday is always the hardest one. Evil Mel is one of those instructors that shouts at you if you come up out of a swat too fast. Don't get me wrong, its usually a good workout but I have never liked the military style of instructing. And anyone who does 10 mins of abs at the end of the torture is just plan mean.

So, I will be hurting tomorrow. I may try to go to a circuits class but I may take the 'easy' option of a lunch time run with only the voices in my head shouting at me...

distance: 0 - it was a body pump class
time: 50 mins (ten of which were nasty abs)
evil instructors: 1


  1. That sounds awful. Well done.

  2. I think I need your evil gym instructor

  3. Wow 10 min abs, you will have serious DOMs Tues Wed. But it will be worth it

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