Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Day 6: more running with an extra helping of cycling

Yesterday it was evil gym lady making me do things I didn't like and today it was Ian's turn. After a day at work with my Janathon lunchtime run, I came home to the usual greeting of 'What we going to have for dinner?'  This usually also ends with us needing to go to the shops for ingredients that aren't in the already not-too-badly-stocked fridge.

I didn't want to take the car as it was rush hour and its only less than  2miles away and as Ian had been doing not very much I reckoned he could easily have managed to go to the supermarket on his own. But no...I get bullied into going out into the cold dark night to do an extra helping of exercise.

It's was actually ok though it was hard not to buy hunger-induced junk food. And we rewarded ourselves with a lovely bottle of (rather expensive, for us) wine. I know! Drinking again, but we are celebrating a quiet night to ourselves while my folks are away for a few days to give us some space. For those who don't know, our flat got flooded just before Christmas leaving us without a bathroom and a new kitchen that now needs to be ripped out and dried out. So, yeah, justifying all the wine drinking on that!.

distance: 2.8miles running. 2.7miles cycling.
Total: 5.5miles
Total time: 47 mins

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