Wednesday 14 January 2015

Day 13: First came the bar press-up, then came the Bass Box press-up!

So yeah, a bit late but still within the 24 hour window. It was a bit of a crap one anyway. No time for proper exercise but instead I did some walking and my first ever club bass box press up.

My walk was to and from work then to and from the bus stop. To make this more of a workout I wore my new rock boots which is basically like having 2lb ankles weights on. As you can see, they are pretty hefty!

Didn't go to the gym as we were going to see Birdman at the cinema instead - I hightly recommend this, it was brilliant.

Then I walked to our local haunt Opium. On a Tuesday our friends run a Industrial club night. We didn't stay long but was long enough for me to get a Bass Box press-up done.  I got my friend Tom to take a photo of it which I will post up when I get a copy! We then walked back to get the bus in the snow, it was cold.

I also feel that I continued my exercise through the night as I continualy wrestled to get the covers back off a snoring Ian who was determined to steal them from me.

distance: 3.3 miles
time: 55mins total
bass box pressups: 2
time spent wrestling duvet covers: not sure but too much!

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  1. Love your New Rocks. I'm always surprised by how comfy mine are given the weight.