Thursday, 8 January 2015

Day 8: Tiny towel problems

I do like my lunchtime runs at work honest. But I do have to talk myself into it every time. Its all the faff that is involved. The talking of kit to work, the changing and showering after. And the fact I have to work late to make up for a long lunch.

The worst bit is the showering/changing afterwards. The facilities at my work are not that great. There is one 'cubicle' shower - and it aint big. I always bash my elbows maneuvering myself around. and you always have to suffer the freezing water at the beginning. The only other option is the communal section. There's never usually anyone else showering so I usually use this. Then there's the getting dressed part again. there are always people coming and going as there is also a toilet in the changing rooms. So I have to do the ritual dance of covering myself up when I hear footsteps approaching outside. Yes, yes, I shouldn't be so coy but there you go. At the moment I have a tiny towel (I should have made more effort in the selection process really) and even getting it around me sufficiently is difficult so I had to resort to a high speed drying/getting dressed dance today. And no, noone came in when the towel dropped in my efforts to put on underwear and hold it up at the same time.

Needless to say, I will be changing this towel as soon as I get a chance.

Another thing I hate about the whole work-lunchtime run is the need to re-apply makeup to my bright red face. To be honest I have started to not bother with it at all. In kind of keeps with my scruffy look I've been developing recently anyway.

So, the run - was a rather boring short loop round the estate. Not much else to report.

distance: 2.1 miles
time: 21mins
too small towels used: 1
time spent trying to keep said towel around me: too long

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