Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day 25: Not even trying

Its not like I didn't do anything today but it was close. Not sure if you can count dancing a bit at a metal club night in the early hours and walking to and from the bus stop as proper exercise. It would actually have been less if Ian hadn't insisted of repeatedly walking to the next bus stop instead of waiting for the bus from town. So we ended up walking 1.5 miles along Princes Street then another half mile from the bus stop to the house. And also note that all my walking this weekend was completed in my heavy new rock boots! And Ian walks really fast!

I made unrealistic plans in my head of actually going out for a run later on today but a combination of the on-coming rain and wind and the prospects of a cosy sofa meant this never happened.

Look on it as a rest weekend after a couple of tough gym classes and a few more scheduled in for next week. :)

Now, back to the sofa-lounging...

distance: 2miles
time 23 mins

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