Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day 24: Don't mess up the hair!!!

I know this will sound like an excuse but I didn't go running today due to my hair. Seriously! I'm not going to waste a £30 hair appointment by getting sweating and windswept :) My bob is starting to even out and don't worry, the colour will be changing again soon!

I did walk practically everywhere today  so I figured that amounted to a decent amount of exercise for a Saturday. Ian even put the GPS on to measure it properly :)

So 5 miles worth of walking done and my hair is still looking good enough for a night out tonight!

distance: 5miles
time: 1hour30mins
haircuts: 1


  1. You did right, would have been terrible to spoil a lovely hair do.

  2. Life comes first doesn't it. It helps to have simple workouts like walking to do in times like this.

    If you walked 5 miles then you burnt around 500 cals. It's about 100cals per mile. But you also encouraged your body to access it's stored energy. That's the key to losing weight and getting fit because it gets your metabolism working