Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Day 28: no longer a circuit newbie

Got a feeling of making progress today. I managed to get through a circuits class without feeling like the most unfit person there. Don't get me wrong,  it is still mainly full of proper gym-bunny types who can no doubt do proper chin ups and don't take a sneaky break at the exercises they don't like, but at least I wasn't at the bottom of the performance scale tonight.

No outside running on the horizon for the time being as the thermometer is still the wrong side of 'no chance, I'm not freezing my ass off in that!'

So its the last few days of Janathon, I  hope fellow -athoners are feeling they have mad a bit of progress over the last month. I have made some but its only the tip of the training iceberg for Tough Mudder-ing in June!

distance: on x-trainer- 2kms
time: 1hour circuits
number of newbies making me feel better about myself: 2
Janathon days left: only 3!!!

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