Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Day 14: "All by myself, don't wanna be all by myse-e-elf!"

I write this sat on my own in a freezing flat eating pizza. Due to early work commitments and tonight's gym commitment I am spending my night all on my lonesome in our building site flat. Leaving Ian earlier this evenign, eating a steak dinner and drinking wine, looking forward to a night without me and playing computer games. I'm not bitter at all...

Gym class was fairly uneventful. I did Body Blitz which is our gym's version of Body Pump. You'll be glad to know that I worked hard (but not too hard, I have no shower at home!) and even uped my weights on a couple of the tracks (squats and chest).

I shall be having an early night as i\ have an early start tomorrow which I'm not too bothered about as not liking spending too much time here at the moment. The picture will explain why - this is what the bathroom currently looks like!

duration: 50mins
heaviest weight: 10kg (not including the bar) for squats)
compulsions to watch Bridget Jones: a very very brief one

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  1. You sound bored and frustrated and seeing your pics I understand so I have some ideas that might bring a little active fun.

    As a dad I get so little time for myself and the house is so often not how I like it, which is being polite. So I have some tricks

    1) DIY, Cleaning, tidying etc... I know....I know that's dull but... not if it's a chance to listen to your favourite music or watch your favourite tv. I just whack on something great and get on with stuff. I reframe the boring cleaning as a chance to listen to what I want. If you're a singer then you have an empty flat to belt something out, though that's not really me :-)

    This isn't a traditional workout but in my sports science degree we focused on movements that someone needs in their life/job/challenges instead of fixed gym routines.

    I also use this when the house is cold because I quickly get really warm, That could just be me but basically movement gets your muscles working which generates heat. I know it's obvious but it's really helpful to remember. I often get so warm I have to turn down the heating or go outside to cool off.

    2) Go out, it's not fun to be stuck indoors if like this. I pop to the cinema or have a meal out every so often. It is often easy to get a little walking and climbing stairs that kind of stuff done.

    Some ideas are:
    * Cinema: it's a great escape where I can forget what's bothering me
    * Eat out: a good walk if you look for a restaurant on foot. Sure you might be adding calories but I love to explore food and cooking. The essence of a balanced diet for me is eating lots of different types of dishes and cuisines. One balances another. The more literate I am in food the easier it is becoming to balance my diet without much thought and lose weight without much effort.

    * Pub/coffee shop to read: I'm not a big drinker so this is easy for me and I use these places to read and get out of the house at the same time. The movement comes in getting there. Last time I went out I walked a mile or two just finding the pub I wanted to sit in so I had done plenty of steps before sitting down. I don't go to drink but for ambience and read. That's me and as a dad coordinating anything is just too awkward, you might go with a friend.

    The point is simply about the movement that is inherent in life and how you can do what you enjoy and find the activity in it.

    Hope these ideas help in some way.

    Colin -