Sunday, 11 January 2015

Day 11: Don't say the 'S' word

Blame the weather (which is beyond disgusting), blame the desire for a lazy, quiet Sunday reading my book - the rather good crime novel Natural Causes by James Oswald, which is set in my home town, Edinburgh. Blame all these things for my slacking today. Though I didn't slack completely. I did some press ups, sit-ups a 25 second plank. It only amounted to about 10 mins, but my book was getting quite exciting and I wanted to get back to it.

I aim to get back to some proper stuff tomorrow as I'm back to the gym and the fitness instructor from hell will be on duty so I'll be making up for the wee bit of slacking today.

time: 10mins
pressups: 10
sit ups:20
plank time: 25 secs (a 5 second improvement!!)
time spent reading my book: 4 hours and counting

1 comment:

  1. Strength and conditioning is good stuff for days like this