Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 21: Doing it backwards

I realise that the idea is to jog, log and blog. But today I'm rebelling and doing it all topsy turvey. Blog, log and jogging it is (well, its a body blitz class today, though I may go early and do a short jog on the treadmill)!

Its a laziness thing. I know I'll get back from the gym late and I'll want my tea then I'll not want to bother blogging though I actually enjoy that part, unlike some. So I'm getting it out the way now.

And you'll just have to trust me that I'll actually go to the gym and not slack off instead, though I proably will as if you are a no-show to classses you have booked you get banned from them...not forever but for a while.

So there you go. I've blogged speculatively like sending a CV for a 'theoretical' job, though not quite the same as this class does actually exist...aaaand I am waffling...

classes completed: 1 (in the future!)
time: 50mins as that's how long the class is
distance: no idea. may jog, may not!

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