Friday 16 January 2015

Day 16: the No-Diet January

Yep, at last the sun came out to play for a bit - look - blue skies!. But it's still freezing so I wrapped up for a (still rather short) lunchtime run. I seem to be finding it harder rather than easier - I'm blaming the weather - getting old and get achy joints in the cold! Though I'm thinking it is the fact I've put on a bit of weight recently. I reckon I'm the only person who instead of going on a new year diet has seemed to manage to carry on the holiday eating habits. I'm mainly blaming the fact my normal life has been suspended while I stay with my parents. Spring!! I promise I'll get into proper uber-healthy, super-training mode. Easing myself into it...

So another run round the estate. Always annoys me when there is better weather during the week rather than the weekend as I don't like running too far when I'm at work as I have to stay later to make up for it and on the usual, 'everyone leaves early' Friday afternoon, that is a challenge.

Half way through Janathon though - hope everyone is still persevering!!

distance: 2.6 miles
time: 24mins50secs
average temperture: -4 (brrr)
January days of healthy eating: not very many!

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