Tuesday 27 January 2015

Day 27: Plank PB!!

Another no run day I'm afraid. I did have a good walk home though - in fact I almost skipped. Was good to have a busy day and get a few things that needed moving along sorted so was in a better mood than yesterday.

I think I actually made better use of my time and did more strength exercises at home, proving that I don't need evil gym woman shouting at me to work hard. I even timed myself properly and did a WHOLE MINUTE plank after my mum slagged me off for not managing to do more than 30 seconds.

I also did some compound exercises, one-legged squats lifting the weights too - and believe me,  its not easy to do this, attempt to take a non-blurry photo of yourself and not fall down. It took a few trys!

Also did more abs stuff, more squats and upper body stuff with resistance bands. I got sweaty and everything, all in the comfort of a warm house!

time: 30 mins
Plank time: 1 MINUTE!!!
attempts at taking non-blurry photo: about 8

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