Sunday 18 January 2015

Day 18: Double Hoodie Running

There comes to a point where it doesn't matter how many clothes you have on, your thighs and arse will still lose all feeling. The addition of an extra hoody and some (albeit, short) shorts over my running tights were never going to be a match for the seaside wind. This time my mum came along for a windy walk along the beach at North Berwick. I ran on ahead, had a little go at clambering over the rocks before I decided the tide was getting a little to close for comfort (as you can see in the pic) before heading back to meet her at the seabird centre.
the tide is coming in quickly!! Ruuuun!

Berwick Law in the background. Too cold and windy to go up there today!

Some sort of big rock in the water out there...

We then walked along the other side of the beach for a while. Usually at a low tide we would walk right along for miles but not today and more to the point we were getting hungry and ticking off more body parts that had gone numb.

I am going to also add an extra mile onto my walking today as me and Ian went for a wander though the muddy woods up to the pub - which I have discovered serves Twisted Thistle which is a lovely (and rather strong) IPA beer.

A pretty good Sunday all in all :)

running: 2.5miles
walking: 2 miles

1 comment:

  1. Beer is good. Seaside is good. Lovely photos!

    I wish I was someone who needed layers though. Despite the freezing temperatures today, I still wore a vest. Weird. I always overheat.