Wednesday 25 January 2012

day 25 - treadmill struggle and more excuses

Another treadmill day...just not liking the cold, windy weather at the moment. I was hoping for another 5miles today but could only manage 4.2miles, and felt every inch of it. I had to walk for bits of the session and didn't really get above 10.5 speed wise (I usually find this speed fairly easy).

Tomorrow is looking even worse - I need to leave the flat at 6:30am and due to be working til 6:30pm at least, then a work dinner thing so unless I get up at 4am I do not see much exercise being acheived. Having said that I have video camera equipment to lug around to and from the train station so thinking, maybe that can count?? Will also be taking my Pilates resistance bands with me so may get some weight training fitted in at the hotel between networking with collegues and bedtime!!

I hope others Janathoners are managing to struggle through and make it to the bitter end.

Stats time:

distance: 4.2miles (every one fully felt)
time: 44mins34secs (better that I thought!)
calories: 410 (roughly)


  1. Good luck tomorrow, it will take a lot of effort to fit anything in!

  2. You're doing fantastic! Only 6 days to go - hang in there!

  3. Your doing fine, don't let it beat you now, almost there!

  4. Well done over 20 mins on a treadmill is hardcore. Keep it up nearly there!

  5. aww bless you, we're definitely in the same boat! It was so much easier when I was on holiday; this working malarkey is just unnecessary interference ;)