Thursday 15 January 2015

Day 15: The art of distraction

What can I do to gloss over the fact that I was I did today barely qualifies as exercise...Oh look a picture of a cute cat!!! It may be a case of spot the cat as she is curled up way in a corner. Am pleased to say that after a trip to the vet she is back to her old self after her UTI.

I didn't even change out of my work clothes to do my Janathon effort today, which made it feel like even more like slacking. If the weather didn't continue to be a total dick I would have at least gone for a short run. As it was I didn't feel the need to try to get blown into on-coming traffic. So instead I did my physio exercises, a short lived plank and a few press-up. Is it possible to get worse with practise?

Anyway, tomorrow will be another challenge to squeeze some valid exercise in - more shitty weather is forecast and I have builders coming to the flat to survey the damage and hopefully give me some idea of timescales for getting things back to normal!

time: 10 mins
press-ups :10
plank duration: 20 secs (just)
cute cat pictures: 1