Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Janathon Day 1: Starting as I don't mean to carry on

So, not the best start to the Janathon year...as usual, after waaaay to much fun (and wine) at hogmanay I'm starting Janathon with a horrendous hangover. All possibilities of actually running properly were non-existent by 3pm but I did manage to go for a very muddy walk with my mum through the woods at the back of the house - I even did a concessionary 400m run on the downhill bit. Even that was a struggle.
out for my walk
Trying to look non-hungovery and energetic

I do plan to do lots more proper running this month though. After a 2012 plagued with injury and illness (tendonitis, whooping cough, pleurisy and a variety of colds) I am determined to get back to proper fitness. My goals for this are the Rock 'n Roll Edinburgh half marathon in April, which last year I crossed, or rather limped, the finish line then spent the next month on crutches and the Tough Mudder in August, which will most definitely need some major training for.

Anyway, hope everyone has a fantastic Janathon. Look forward to readying as many blogs as I can and hope to chat with some of you on twitter :)

distance: 1.2 (ish) (with about 400m of jogging)
time: 40 mins
horrendous hangovers: 1

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