Monday 21 January 2013

day 21: "you are quite mad!"

Heard that a few times today. And was sensing it from the people in cars stuck in traffic looking at me jog past. And I may just be, but life is more fun with a little madness. So... unless you have been living under a has been snowing, ausing all kinds of chaos around the country. I, however, will not let a little bit of the white stuff defeat me. Also, am up at my folks place and couldn't go to the gym. So a snow run it was.

And, it was actually good when I got out. I was just going to do a very short circuit of the estate but got half way round and thought, this isn't too bad so extended my route making it up to just over 2 and a half miles. The snow was the creaky kind so didn't slip n slide too much. Until that is I past a snow-plough going along the pavement. The thin layer of snow it left was way more treacherous than what it cleared away!

Was a bit tougher making it up the hill and had to walk in places but overall a pretty good run.

And, just in case there is anyone wanting photographic evidence of my efforts, here is a pic of me at the end of it. I look awful in this picture but you're never going to look your best after a sweaty run in mid-winter!
distance: 2.6miles
time: 26mins24secs
times I was called mad today: many


  1. Amazing C. You are really showing us how it should be done. Well done you.

  2. Well done for getting out there... if I had a pound for every strange look or shake of the head I've had from passing motorists this last few days I'd be able to buy a kebab

  3. It's great isn't it! Embrace the madness, that's what I say.