Friday, 4 January 2013

day 4: where I clean the flat

I felt like I'd done my Janathon effort without even leaving my flat today. I chose my last day of real holiday to do a winter clean of my flat.

I don't like housework. Hate would be more appropriate so I really do as little as possible, mainly to stave off rats (may not be that bad but you get the idea).  Anyway, I thought enough is enough, and as I have a friend coming over, who hasn't seen my flat I figured I'd better give it a good going over.

Anyway, got to lunchtime and as I put out the recycling and took in the fresh air and hint of sunshine I got an overwhelming need to stop the cleaning and go for a run. I'm already feeling a slight improvement and didn't need to stop and walk so much and even inched up the distance. Though I was tired the fresh air actually readied me for tackling the last hours' worth of cleaning.

Absolutely knackered doesn't cover how I felt after all that. If I made new year's resolutions, I should probably make one about cleaning more regularly so I don't have to have these mammoth sessions but it would no doubt last about 2 weeks before I reverted to my old untidy lazy ways.

Anyway, am blogging from my sparkly living room with a well deserved beer, feeling rather pleased with myself...wonder how long that will last?


distance: 4.1miles
time: 43mins
weakling-style press-ups: 10
flats all clean and tidy: 1


  1. and you should be pleased with yourself! Oh by the way, my flat needs a good clean. Are you free? Haha!

  2. Know how you my house always feels more like an endurance sport than endurance sports do...happy Janathoning x