Saturday, 5 January 2013

day 5: the holidays are over

I don't like when things go back to normal this time of year. All the decorations are coming down, people are realising the shadow of doom looming as they ready to go back to work. But one of the saddest reminders that we are returning to normality is the discarded Xmas trees lying out ready to be taken by the bin men. I saw about 6 on my run today. They look all forlorn without their lights and baubles and with half their pine needles gone :(

It was a slow 2.5miles today as I went through Blackford park and the Hermitage where the paths were now reassembling muddy rivers with all the recent rain. Its a hilly route so had to walk it parts. I could have extended it by a mile or so but really don't want to push my luck with my ankle so kept to a short circle. After all the activity yesterday and a fairly late night (still very much a party atmosphere in the pubs - good to see not everyone is having a fun-free January!) this was plenty. I'm now spending the rest of the weekend tempting to read some more of Anna Karenina which I have been plodding slowly through for months.


distance: 2.55miles
time: 29mins6secs
push ups: 10 (slowing coming less weakling-like but still rather pathetic
discarded xmas trees:6

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