Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 10: Too tyre-d to run

Blame JogBlog for the rubbish pun in the title :) I wasn't particularly tired really but the weather was cold and drizzly and just couldn't face running in it. My ankle is also feeling a little sore again so a day off the running is probably sensible. And once again I needed to go to the supermarket as after cat-sitting for my parent, I am back at my bare-cupboard flat. So a bike-ride it was. It also meant that I could try out my expensive new catseye bike light. It is VERY bright so does the job though still think £30 for one light is pretty expensive.

It was a fairly quick, easy bike ride through the park to Morrisons and very uneventful. You will also be pleased to know that I managed to resist the temptations of the crisps isle and limited myself to very healthy food. Was still a struggle to fit it all in my rucksack, forgetting I still  needed to fit in my rather heavy bike lock.

Hopefully back the the running and pun-free blog titles tomorrow.


distance: 4miles
time: 15mins (ish) - I forgot to take note of the time so its an estimate
bad puns: 1

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