Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 29: almost...but not quite

I almost managed a Janathon fail...almost. After a very bad night's sleep in a boiling hot hotel room in Stranraer and with the cold lurgy descendinig upon me, my alarm clock went off at 6:40am - I had literally been asleep for the first time in hours for longer than 10 minutes. I felt pretty awful and on looking out the window, it was still pitch black. I went back to bed and internal debating went on in my head over the pros and cons of trying to get up and go running.  It went on for a while...

My will-power won, the grey murky day and my fuzzed head lost (with help of some much needed caffine).  I actually think my run did me good. It certainly un-blocked my nose! Not a particularly interesting run. I can't say I would recommend Stranraer - it seems more of a place to escape from (its main feature being the ferry port to Ireland).  It is rather bleak, especially in the nasty weather that seems to engulf it the majority of the time.  I ran along the coastline for a while and then back. I did a surprisingly zippy 3.4miles.

I spent most of the remainder of the day freezing my arse off and getting severely rain on, on a tour of a the town's new waste water treatment work (surprisingly interesting though the least glamorous way I can think of spending a few hours).

I really hope standing in the freezing rain for a few hours doesn't make my cold worse...Still cannot believe I can't get through 1 frigging month without being ill!!!

distance: 3.4miles
time: 31mins
colds had by me already this year: 1

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  1. A big round of applause for your will power!