Thursday 31 January 2013

Day 31!!!! It all depends on... you count the Janathon mileage.

At the beginning of the week I noticed I had an average of 4.6miles to run a day to make that all important 100 Janathon miles...Thought I could probably do that - then I got a cold. So here I was, last day of the challenge with 8.8 miles to run. It was raining, hard, outside and there was no WAY I was running practically 9miles on the treadmill! I would have died of boredom or exhaustion. Thanks  @runningman856 for the encouragement - pretty sure I would have only done the absolute minimum.

Was going to just do as much as I could - thinking 5km as it is usually as far I can be bothered on the treadmill but with a little bit of self-mental bullying and a pretty awesome running playlist on my iPod (highlights for speedy intervals - Lust for Life, Iggy Pop and System of a Down's Chop Suey) I found myself going further.

Now back to the issue of counting of mileage - Technically I have actually done a total of 102 miles for Janathon as I did a 1.2mile walk and a 4mile cycle. However I only did 96.8 actual running. So depending on how you look at it I have either just missed my 100 running target or I have achieved my Janathon 100 exercise mile target...For the sake of my ego I am taking the grand total figure :) 

Also...a note to the 2 girls on the bikes in the gym - if you are wearing a polo-neck UNDER another top, you are NOT working out - you shouldn't even be allowed into the gym!!! I was wearing a vest and sweating buckets!! Just saying...

Anyway - congratulations to everyone who have undertaken Janathon, no matter what you have done - walked, ran, planked...and even if you have...whisper it...had a Janathon is a challenge and there is always next year - or indeed Juneathon!!

Thanks to eveyone who has read and commented on my blog and for all the twitter banter - it is what makes Janathon a pleasure to endure :) Now all I have is a half marathon to train for, not to mention the Tough Mudder!!

Final Stats!

distance: 5.6miles
time: 53mins 31 secs

Janathon totals:
Miles run: 96.2
miles cycled: 4
miles walked: 1.2



  1. Yay! Take the 100...

  2. I'd definitely take the 100! I've loved reading your blog posts and chatting via Twitter. Long may it continue (we do have half marathons to run after all!)

  3. The 100 gets my vote too :-) Well done on reaching your target.

  4. Woo! Well done you, I say you did over 100 miles. If my indoor running on the spot miles count then so do your walks and rides!

    I have to say I'm in awe of all the people who've run 100 miles. The most I've ever done in a month was 55 and my body HATED me, so goal for 2013 is to pick up some mileage!