Friday 11 January 2013

Day 11: TFIF!!

Well, don't know about you but sooo glad its Friday...It's been a loooong week being the first week back to work, which mainly consisted of me chasing people for project updates and them ignoring me.  Not that I have much to look forward to this weekend other than resisting the temptations of wine-drinking, running and some reading of Anna Karenina. I could be going to an 'alternative' club night but really want to try for a quiet one and focus on my healthy goals.

Friday night running and was pretty impressed that I managed just over 4 miles. I had the usual 'urrrgh...really can't be bothered' Friday feeling but once I got out felt good. A rather uneventful run around the meadows except for some hoodie 'yoofs' getting rather dramatically picked up by the police. Not sure what they were doing that warranted the OTT arrival of 2 police van but the guy (who looked about 15) look rather pleased with himself in his own 'I-have-half-a-brain' way.

Anyway, its Friday so I have TV to slob in front of (Avengers Assemble DVD just arrived from Love Film!).

distance: 4.2 miles
time: 42mins

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  1. OMG, what's the world coming to! You're snubbing wine and a good night out (whatever 'alternative' means - don't tell me I like to imagine these things).