Saturday 12 January 2013

Day 12: how not to be a stylish runner

Brrrrr...its gone all cold and wintry again, but here in Edinburgh it was actually rather beautifully sunny (though as I type, the nasty clouds are starting to take over again). Still getting out the door about 11am I still managed to catch some of the sun. But it was freezing so all my winter-themed running gear came out. Now, I have quite a bit of gym/running related clothes but I never seem to look that good, especially not in winter.

I would love it if I could run all in black all the time - it took me a while to find decently priced black trainers - but I also like a bargain so my exercisy clothes come in various colours that appear in the sales. In winter I also tend to layer up things. This ends up with a colour clashing problem. Today for instance I had on black Nike tights on with pink panels  (you generally can't avoid pink women's running gear, especially in the discounted sections), a purple long-sleeved Karimoor running top and an old System of a Down T-shirt that had red writing on the front, which clashed rather badly with both the pink and the purple, and to round it all off some e-gloves with neon green bits on them. The catwalk was definitely not calling me. But hey, its not how you look that counts (thankfully) its the running part and I've had a pretty good couple of days. Still having to walk in places, especially up hills but in total today and yesterday I have mustered about 9miles.


distance: 4.6miles
time: 46mins 55secs
clashing running outfit: 1


  1. I'm a bargain buyer too. None of my gear matches. Today I wore black tights with purple flashes and a pink long sleeve top. And a bright yellow hat. Attractive :)

  2. I think pink, purple and red sounds rather cool!

  3. I hate that it's so difficult to avoid pink. I'm personally not totally averse to it, but not on *everything*. As you say, though - it's the run that counts!