Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 8: yoga 'n' all that hippie shit

Not really. I don't think yoga is hippie at all, though I do think a few hippies are into it (I have nothing against hippies by the way, just saying...have even been called one in my time...'hippiegoth' to be precise...but, I digress...

Today's post is a little rushed as I have Yoga in about 30 mins and I really wanted to go for a run after work as well, as yoga can't really be classed as exercise (though I may eat my words when my muscles hurt to buggery tomorrow!). So anyway, in between running, showering and yoga-ing, I am trying to cram in logging, blogging, twittering and facebooking...phew!!

I also realllly wanted to try and get more that 2-something miles in so I managed 3 and no more. Unfortunately to reach my 3 miles I had to run up more bloody hills. But thanks to 'get your ass up there' song of the day Korn's 'Here to Stay', and especially the 'Gonna break it down, gonna break it down bit, I managed to get to the top of the hill without stopping - Yay me!! Thankfully, as right at the top my iTunes playlist came to an end.

As does this blog. Sorry for any non-sensical sentences, and typos...no time for spell-checking/proof-reading!!

distance: 3.08miles (round that up to 3.1 for tidyness)
time: 31mins 31 secs
yoga-related sore muscles tomorrow: lots