Thursday, 17 January 2013

DAY 17: I can't feel my face!!!!

Or much else of my body. Fuck its cold and the stupid wind has decided to add to the fun of outside evening running.

Going to be a fairly short blog (hurrah I hear you cry!), as my social life has decided to make an appearance, and have stuff on tonight, Friday and Saturday!  Has anyone noticed how this Janathon stuff kind of takes over things??

So anyway, a fairly solid plod round the meadows today, froze myself but also managed to get a consistent sub 10min mile- first time this month! It actually averaged at about 9mins30 mph according to my garmin.

So that's it today. need to go make myself half-presentable...

distance: 3.8miles
time: 37mins30secs
social life: half a one maybe...


  1. Well done (again) for braving the elements. I'm wimping out tonight, it's snowing heavily.

  2. I like running in snow, but it's not snowing here. You need a Buff to wear as a mask or scarf. They're brilliant. And in summer it'll hold your hair back :)

  3. Well done for going out even though you have a social life! I'm jealous. Though actually I came second in a pub quiz yesterday. Thats enough social life for one week!