Sunday, 27 January 2013

day 27: sporting disappointment and triumph

Ahhh the tennis. Its tough watching it. I could never watch football cause I think its a very boring way to spend an hour and a half...I need more regular goal/point scoring to keep me interested. Yet I will watch 3 hours of good tennis....except when Scotland's Britain's biggest hope in tennis for a long time does sooo well then it all starts going down hill...I made it till Andy lost the 3rd set (and even then I was only watching it intermittently) and I just couldn't take it anymore so I got my stuff together and went for a run.

I should have been following my half-marathon training plan for week in now but due to Janathon and other commitments I have just been doing what I can. But I thought today I could at least try and do something resembling a long run and actually managed my longest run of the whole of Janathon - YAY! so at least one sporting triumph for Scotland today :)

Had no idea what route to do so I just thought I would go out and see where my feet carried me...and they seemed to want to go a for a rather random and wiggly journey through the posh areas of Edinburgh - started off in the Grange, then around Merchiston (where J K Rowling lives/lived...not sure if she's still there) then back along the Union Canal and back to the car.

First few miles were slow and hard-going but managed an overall average pace of 9:36mph so very pleased with that :)

A few fellow Janathon-ers have managed to reach there 100mile mark (well done!!) I had a look at my totals I am 19miles away from that. Would be great to get there but I very much doubt I will manage 4.7 miles every day for the rest of the week, especially as I am away for work :(

distance: 5.6miles
time: 53mins 50secs


  1. I love runs when you just let your feet wander off :) I'm on 93 miles now so I'm hoping to break 100 next week.

  2. I just can't watch tennis, it's one sport that I love playing but drives me craaazy watching :-)