Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day 19: musical ear muffs and penguin avatars

When I say musical, I don't mean that sing or play and instrument. What they are are headphones-come-earmuff that plug into my iPod.  I got them for xmas and haven't really used them as they were not overly comfortable as they don't go over your head like normal earmuffs but kind of round the back so my hair gets in the way and they feel like they are going to slip off. But as I managed to shut my front door on my normal earphones and break them I thought I would try these out. They were ok, the sounds isn't great obviously as there is material over them but they DID keep my ears warm.
My musical earmuffs!

Actually did a decent run today. Was a practical run too as I had to go to the post office depot and pick up a package. So that's pretty much a 5miles round trip and I managed to save petrol. My package was a small necklace so it fitted nicely in my pocket so didn't hinder my running. The necklace was actually bought to replace the one I got from my best friend for being her bridesmaid. It broke one day...then I lost it. It was my favourite piece of jewelry so I bought myself another one even though it was rather expensive. But it is sooo cute: a tiny wee skull.

A tiny skull pendant
Talking of cute - we Janathoners are planning on a penguin takeover on Twitter - join in if you are on. @jogblog @knittingpenguin @fairweatherrunner and @libeeloo67 have all done it. Change your avatar to a penguin. They are cute and Twitter can alway use more cute animals on it!

distance: 5.2miles
time: 51mins47secs
musical earmuff: 1
skull necklaces retreived: 1


  1. I love that necklace! Very cool!

  2. What music did your musical earmuffs play today? Well done for running 5 miles today

  3. Ooh, that's cute. I'm not normally a skull person but that one looks like kind of a smiley skull, if that's possible. I like things that make you look twice because they're a bit strange.

    Oh, and well done on the 5 miles! (I managed 0.5 miles, so you can feel extremely superior!).