Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 6: dysfunctional water bottles and excuses for mid-run rests

Had to go out for my run without my water bottle today - don't what it is with me and dysfunctional bottles but they always seem to end up dripping or leaking. Cheap or expensive ones, makes no difference.

As I went back to leave it at home, it occurred to me that I don't really need a water bottle on a short-ish run. Anything over 5miles I would say take one but anything under that I should manage ok. But I like having one as it gives me an excuse to slow down/walk or stop during my run. That lead me on a line of thought that results in the 'theme' of this blog. I actually have a kind of collection of excuses I use to have short breathers on my runs, both long and short, and I figured - excellent a 'lets make a list' blog. nice and easy and I like to have one for every Janathon. so here it is! :)

  1. Stopping to take a sip of water (see above)
  2. Re-tying of laces - if you really need a break, just pretend they need re-tied
  3. Stopping to look at scenery - doesn't really work on a 'route round the crappy estate' run but great if you are near the country side or other 'nice place'
  4. Mid-run stretches - one of my favs and it's probably good for you
  5. Changing iTunes playlist. Fiddling with garmin/other electronic devices also works
  6. Navigating over muddy bits - not a very good one but I'm running out of ideas. Kind of works on off-road runs though, I think

Ok, I've run out of ideas here. But the above can be repeated throughout your run so that's really plenty.  Also, for a bit of balance thought I would include a good reason to not take a break an KEEP ON GOING: Spotting a hot, fit fellow runner and not wanting to feel like a overweight, unfit heifer - pick up the pace and look nonchalant.

Oh, and my run - not very interesting. a bit off-road muddiness and of course - bloody steep hills.

distance: 2.7
time: 27mins55secs
dysfunctional water bottles: 1
mid-run breaks: oh, a few


  1. During past -athons, I've taken my camera out and stopped to take photos for my blog. Seems a good excuse for a rest and gives me something to blog about. Meh, water bottles are for poseurs! (Thought you was hardcore)

  2. Uh oh, wish I hasn't seen this. I'm going to be thinking up more for your list now!