Tuesday 15 January 2013

Day 15 Just don't mention the 'S' word

OK, so it can barely be classed as a run but as I have yoga this evening (which last week left me with very achy muscles the next day so is actually hard work) and because of all the the 'word beginning with s' that everyone just won't stop going on about, I did 1.5mile jog/skid/tiptoe through the estate this evening. I started out going through the woods which I thought would be more sensible as it would be hardened mud and less slushy slipperiness. I was wrong. It was a quagmire, so found myself lurching and tiptoeing through deep muddy gooyness. Finally reached the pavement and stayed on it round the rest of the estate and back to my folks.

My other excuse for the shortened run was I didn't have my iPod. I always read how people don't like listening to music while running as they like to ponder life and philosophy (I assume) or meditate or whatever. I would love to think when I go running I have deep and meaningful thoughts or pondering but without my iPod all I get is the last song I heard on the radio (usually Ollly Murs or something equally as annoying) going round and round in my head slowly driving me crazy, accompanied by traffic noise.

To make up for lack of decent mileage I haven't eaten much today so feel that balances things out.

distance: 1.5miles
time: 16mins (ish)
mentions of the 'S' word: 0  It was snow if you were wondering (DOH!)

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  1. No snow here at all now! But I'm not running, I've got Pilates. Which doesn't even leave me feeling achey the next morning. Blog it and it will count :)