Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 14: twinges and niggles

I almost talked myself out of doing a run today as I had already walked about 3-4 miles for work related things (posting letters and getting to meeting in a eco-friendly and healthy way) and my ankle was starting to feel a little niggly - yes, it is a proper medical description. But I thought a short jog would feel more like a 'proper' janathon effort. When I got out and actually felt pretty good, even got a decent pace going.

Then my body decided to remind me that I shouldn't try to push it too much and my knee started twinging. I always wear a knee support as a teenage injury (a stupid drunken incident rather than an epic sporting accident) makes it twingey (another valid medical term).  Like an old person it seems to get worse in cold weather.

Anyway I actually managed to do over  3 miles which I totally didn't mean to do. Also did some girly press ups, sit ups, squats and lunges when I got back home. Makes up for all the junk I ate at the weekend. Still waiting for my healthy-eating phase of Janathon to start...

Also just realised how much I use parentheses in my blog(sorry!)

distance: 3.2miles
time: 30mins25secs
work related mileage: 3-4miles (I am not including these in my official mileage)
twingy/niggly body parts: 2


  1. I also like a pair of parentheses. Must be our conversational style :)

  2. Parentheses and footnotes are my downfall. And absolutely "niggly" is a word. In fact my calf is being niggly as I type.