Monday, 7 January 2013

Day 7: Grocery shopping and running don't really mix

Urrrgh. First day back at work - Yuck. But first full week of Janathon successfully completed - YAY!
As I was back at work today, it was the first run to be done in the dark (and cold and wet). There was no danger in me running before work as just getting to make the half mile walk to the office was struggle enough. So a post work jaunt was on the books.
When I got home, I was in a dilemma - I also needed to go to the supermarket for a few things, I was also hungry. My first inclination was to do a short run then drive to Morrison. But this would have meant running, showering, then going out again. Idea!! I could run TO the shops with backpack and run back with groceries. Two birds, one stone and no rush hour traffic. It would mean running a tiny bit further than I had planned and running with a backpack of groceries which didn't appeal, and I would have to do my shopping slightly sweaty and red faced... BUT it meant it would be quicker in the end and being lazy by nature, the quicker I could get back to sitting on the sofa is always good.

Getting there was fine - the tricky bit was the return journey. I probably got more than I envisaged so my backpack was rather heavy and once I started upping the pace, discovered my bag sounded like an over-sized maraca. Think it was the big bag of crisps (healthy eating plan starts tomorrow, honest!!), so felt ridiculous every time I passed another pedestrian. Didn't stop a tourist asking me for directions and despite growing up in the area I still wasn't 100% sure, so there might be a random Chinese person wandering the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Anyway, made it home without collapsing under the weight of not entirely unhealthy groceries.
Bring on Week 2!!

Distance: 2.6miles
time: 26mins
Lost Chinese tourists: 1


  1. I have the giggles at your description of your run home :) I'm impressed by your efficiency, though - and well done for Janathon Day 7!

  2. I always make a point of giving everyone who asks wrong directions. If they can't be bothered to plan a journey properly they shouldn't be bothering me with their lack of preparation. And it brightens up what might be an otherwise dull day. Ha!