Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 23: Ummmm....

...nope, can't think of a title for this blog. It's been a boring day running wise. Pissed off that I missed the running club at work today cause, well, actual work got in the way grrr. Even more pissed when I heard they did a 9km route taking in some of the Pentland hills.

So I was stuck doing a run round the houses where there is street lighting and I won't be in danger to careering into, or falling over unseen obstacles. Still, I managed to struggle through over 4 miles of slush/ice patches.

Getting a bit of a niggling pain in my right calf just where it meets the shin bone. No idea what this could be. Not really like previous pains and doesn't feel like any of the usual running related complaints. Don't know why I can't just have common, easily identifiable pains, meh. to be grumpy elsewhere


Distance: 4.6 miles
Time: 46 mins 27 secs
Running club runs missed cause of stupid work: 1


  1. Oh right, I see....Doctor Catherine is quick to diagnose my dodgy calf pain, but hasn't got a clue what hers could be. Won't be listening to your advice in the future. Quack.

  2. We could start a misearble buggers club!