Sunday, 20 January 2013

day 20: Definitition of being hardcore

Under my own definition of being hardcore would be me, after partying on Saturday night, getting to bed at 8am on Sunday morning, yet still managing to get my running gear on and go out in just-around-zero temperatures to do my Janathon run, before lunchtime!! I even managed to pass the 2mile mark - AND  I even over-took a couple of (albeit very slow) fellow joggers.

But boy, am I feeling it now. Having been fed a huge portion of lasagna and force fed red now feeling very snoozy. In fact I plan to crawl into bed for a cat-nap after writing this.

Actually I am feeling so snoozy in  that I can't really be bothered writing much more than this. Am in danger of falling asleep mid-sentence  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

distance: 2.5miles
time: 22mins28secs
hours of sleep had before run: 2