Friday 18 January 2013

day 18: Ooh the hedonism

Or absense thereof. I had thought this would be a drunken slurry blog done when I stumbled in at an unsociable hour but turns out I had a rather civilised (but very lovely ) evening sipping wine and eating cheese (and other assorted nibbles) with a couple of friend who either were knackered from doing grown-up things like DIY or having to get up early for a responsible job. So here I am only slightly tippsy writing my blog from my bed at 10:30pm.

Due to the, as it turns out, rather early, social engagement, my run was a very quick one, done by stopping off on my way home from work to do a lap around Blackford pond. It wasn't all that easy as I threw in a very steep run up some steps - you know the woodlandy-type ones that are very widely spaced only with bits of randomly spaced bit of wood to actually identify them as actual steps. Anyway it was a cold, icy/slippery slowish, shortish run as I needed to get home, change, do the washing up and get out again. So thus only managed a mile and a half.

Tomorrow I will run further (as long as the snow doesn't carry on falling all night - its very pretty out there) and will also have a proper hedonistic Saturday night - the corset is coming out!! Sunday may hurt!

distance: 1.5miles
time: 16mins 23secs
hedonistic behaviour: none (savinng myself for tomorrow!)

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