Thursday, 24 January 2013

day 24: short run, short hair

Was a quickie run today as I had to go to the hairdressers.  It is STILL freezing cold and I'm convinced it is slowing me down. My legs felt really heavy today and I didn't really enjoy it. At least I'm back in town where there is no icy snow left

So, back from my run and off to the hairdressers - post run, it looked even worse than ever so was very glad to get it sorted.  I have to say I don't really like going to the hairdressers. All the forced small-talk (I don't have a regular hairdresser so I always suffer 'first date' syndrome), bad background music and its about the only place that I start to feel old. There is something not right about getting your head massaged by a 16 year old.  AND here is a question, why do all hairdressers always have a token OTT camp boy??

distance: 2.4miles
time: 23 mins 46secs

So here's a pic of my short hair! Sorry if you have no interest in my hair or its up-keep, I do realise that my blog has been a bit light on the running-related chat, but quite frankly its been a slow week run-wise.


  1. Love your haircut & your photos of non-run paraphernalia! How many times can we look at pics of fellow runners &/or their kit before apathy sets in? I think we should all be required to post hair-fashion at least once during Janathon. Start a trend, you know :-)

  2. Lovely hair! I like your colour too. Mine used to be that colour but I'm back blonde now.