Tuesday 22 January 2013

Day 22: war of the voices in my head

So it goes like this:

bad-me: I can't be bothered with running and its soooo cold outside and the cat is sitting on me being all cute
good-me: but its Janathon you are doing so well
bad-me: Its been a long day its baltic and snowy and you have yoga later
good-me: Yoga is NOT cardio so doesn't really count
bad-me: Yes it does...and I kinda can't be bothered with that either...what if I do a run and not yoga
good-me: but you have paid for yoga and its good for you
bad-me: but it ends late and I'm (whiny voice) tiiiired
good-me: how about a short run and you'll feel sooo good after yoga
bad-me: OK short run and no yoga...
good-me: Oookaay, see how you go

....after running

bad-me: HA done my run, cat is sitting on me being all cute and purry, can I pleeease miss yoga??
good-me: You've done sooo well, and its too late not to tell the teacher you won't make it
bad-me: GRRrrrr, damn it you win... but only if I get to drink wine and eat cheese later
good-me: ooooh OK then
bad-me: YAY mmmwwwhuuuuahahahahaaaa (it was what I had planned the whole time!)

So I actually ended up doing a slightly longer run than I intended because I was out anyway and I don't do things by halves (both lazyness and exercisy stuff - there is no in-between)

And do not listen to @runningman856 Yoga IS proper exercise....I'd like to see him to the tree pose and not fall over/embarrass himself.

distance: 2.5 miles
time: 24mins 57 secs
yoga classes attended: 1
voices in my head: mmm, lets not go there...


  1. I'm perfectly capable of embarrassing myself without attempting the tree pose. How feckin' hard can it be to pose like a tree anyway. Look, I'm doing it...I'm doinnnnggggggg...Shit.

  2. Mmm, wine and cheese. I bribe myself too, it's the best way.

  3. I always lose to the cute and purry cat. You must have a will of steel!